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Zhoushan Xinsha Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in bottle packaging
production line. The company has many industry elites and experts and forms a professional development and management team, with more than 20 years production experience in the designing and manufacturing. Our main products are: bottle unscrambler, desiccant inserter(single feeder or double feeder), swing type counting machine,electronic counting machine(8/12channel, single feeder),electronic counting machine (8/ 12channel with 2 feeder),16 channel electronic counting machine, paper inserter ,high- speed rotary capping machine, capping machine(for screw cap),high- frequency alu. foil sealing machine(water cooling), high-frequency alu. foil sealing machine(air cooling).high speed self- adhesive labeller, round bottle labeller, square bottle labeller ,double- sided labeller, Capping machine (snap- on cap),cotton inserter , automatic feeder,high speed alu. foil padding machine, automatic heat shrinking machine,turn table, granule flling machine ,automatic bottle air-cleaning machine ,and etc. Our products have features of standard production,humanized design, reasonable structure rationalization, and precision quality .All these features ensures the products with more reliability, more environment-friendly and more efficiency. Therefore our product has been widely used in food,medicine,health care products,chemicals and other industries.We also enjoys high reputation from domestic and overseas customers.