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Pill Bottling Line

Pill Bottling Line is widely used for capsules, hard capsules, soft capsules, ingots, dietary supplements, perch forms, chewing gum, tablets, different types of capsules, and is usually available for solid product counting and filling. It is suitable for packaging all kinds of materials.
In addition, the Pill Bottling Line is suitable for production in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, biotechnology and food industries. Automatic counting and capping production is to load the consumables to be counted, detect the exact number by sensors, and then fill the container. Touch screen settings and adjustments are easy to operate. Only one person is needed to control and operate it at the same time. Both vibratory counters can count numbers quickly.
Pill Bottling Line also increases efficiency. Dedicated cap feeding and capping machines apply many different caps and bottles to the product, increasing the promotion of the filling and counting machines and leveraging their production value.

Zhoushan Xinsha Pharmaceutical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specialized in bottle packaging production line. The company has many industry elites and experts and forms a professional development and management team, with more than 20 years production experience in the
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