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How automatic tablet counter works in the pharmaceutical industry

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The benefits offered by technological tools are impressive in a variety of industries, and the pharmaceutical industry is not far behind. The current need for efficiency and development in this industry has stimulated the creation of many advanced machines, and one of the essential production machines is the automatic tablet counter. the popularity of the automatic tablet counter is due to the fact that it easily meets the needs of many other industries, reducing general operating costs while increasing efficiency. This article will discuss about how automatic tablet counter works in the pharmaceutical industry.

automatic tablet counter

1. What is an automatic tablet counter?

An automatic tablet counter is a unique assistant if you work in an industry that involves counting large quantities of products. automatic tablet counters are designed to count and package large quantities of pills, vials, capsules, etc. Instead of counting items manually, automatic tablet counters assume the role automatically . Therefore, the user is free to perform other duties as the tablet counting line records production.

2、The working principle of the tablet counter line.

Users can manually or automatically load tablets or pills into the hopper. The pills flow into two sets of three-stage vibrating plates. At this point, the user can adjust the vibration frequency to improve accuracy and efficiency. In addition, the plates have 24 tunnels through which the tablets pass into another section with 24 optically detected tunnels.

In addition, the tunnels are sensor and control systems where the tablets are automatically counted and moved to the nozzle door. Once the tablets reach the bottle dose, the tunnel doors will close, the doors of the automatic tablet counter will open and the bottles will be set up ready to receive them. Once the bottle is filled, the nozzle door will close as the tunnel door opens to allow the next dose of tablets to enter. At the same time, a drive cylinder will move the filled bottle out of the way and bring in another bottle.

3. Advantages of the automatic tablet counter.

(1) High precision detection and rejection system.

With the automated system, the automatic tablet counter can reject defective tablets and at the same time batch count the correct tablets, which takes a long time to do manually. In addition, the automatic tablet counter achieves the highest accuracy and fast counting capability.

(2) Reliable components.

The automatic tablet counter is equipped with the most reliable components to ensure a smoother user experience and longer usage time. Unforeseen situations where the machine breaks down will not affect drug schedules and profits.

(3) Reduced operating costs.

Imagine how much it costs to employ people to calculate pills in a pharmaceutical company. Using an automatic tablet counter means eliminating all those costs. The machine works automatically from putting the tablets into the hopper to filling the bottles, thus reducing operational costs. In addition, the reliable components of the automatic tablet counter mean less maintenance costs.

(4) Pleasant user experience.

The automatic tablet counter offers a wide range of options to meet different user needs. For example, each unit is based on a modular design where each module operates independently and never interrupts each other.

This is all about how automatic tablet counter works in the pharmaceutical industry. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us!